About us

Welcome to Rupunzel’s Hair boutique, I’m Coralee S. Osborne, (my friends/clients call m e “Cora” for short) founder and owner of this company. I wanted to personally introduce myself to you, as I know exactly why your here. It’s some of those same reasons why I started this company. About 15 years ago, I was not the other side of the screen spending endless hours looking, searching for a solution to all my hair issues. As we both know, when it comes to a woman hair there are many issues. Just like you, I was tired of bad weaves, granny looking wigs, poor quality hair and ridiculous salon prices…But most important I was scared. Scared to order online, sometimes halfway around the world from a page with no name and no face. It felt impersonal, and I had heard my fill of online hair shopping horror stories. So I said let me do this myself, because I could never be the only one facing these issues…. And with the monotone voice of my first year Economic teacher in my head, I was going to create a business by supplying the demand for a need…and Rupunzel's Hair Boutique was born. I loved the theme of Disney’s “Rapunzel”…you know the beautiful girl that got rescued, found the love of her life and herself, all because she had fabulous hair….sounds kinda perfect….but with a little twist “rUpunzel” because I felt we are the modern day version of this story. When your hair is not right, it just seems like everything is wrong. Have you ever tried on a new outfit with your hair a mess? Ok enough said!

So I started my quest with just a love and need for a good weave, I often wondered why only Tyra and Beyonce at the time had what we know call “Becky with the good hair”….Often asking my mama why she never married an Indian man…ladies can you relate?? lol! After much research I discover lace wigs, at the time is was hollywoods best kept secret, that just left the theater and gone mainstream Hollywood. I felt like a pirate who just found a ship filled with gold. Long story short, I purchased a few items to tried it out. More excited than a kid in a candy store when that first shipment arrived, I flew to my hairdresser at the time to get it install…and again I’m sure some of y’all can relate it was an epic fail, to much disappointment I was determined it was not suppose to look like this, I wasn’t feeling at all like Tyra. So now that I had the goods I needed the method, so I when to to capital of hair, Atlanta! It saved me. Took a course and learned how to apply this mystical new creature I had found aka “full lace wig” and the rest was a fairy tale….started selling an applying lace wigs from the dinning room table in my mama’s house, until I open my first shop at 1823A Avenue road, which was a huge success for several years.

However the saggi spirit in me yarn for the warm of my birth land Jamaica, I eventually migrated back home and open a several shops there. But with everything good, that becomes mainstream, there comes the watered down version to the story. Lace became very popular, very quickly however the application technique remain scares. Synthetic lace wigs just hurt my heart, Jackie chang hairline make my blood run cold and the quality of lace became so poor, I felt it was lost. Not to mention the Chinese selling directly to consumers, people would come to me with the poorest of quality hair and wigs, and it would just break my heart, because this wasn’t just a means of an income it was and still is my love, my fav….at that time it wasn’t possible to compete with the low prices and poor quality, which I refuse to sell. So I eventually closed down had a baby and became a mommy for the 2nd time.

However I had several Rupunzelity like I affectionally like to call them that would just not let go, and thanks to them I came back to the business about two years ago, with zero regrets. My squad missed me, and I missed them even more. Times and things have change, but as a believer of continued education, I’ve kept my knowledge updated.

My team and I have perfected the “Rupunzel’s custom dome cap unit”, which is the reason why I’ve come back online. Our units are been sold worldwide right now, though our social media pages and our most popular means of advertisement “referrals”. I want to now offer these units on a larger scale to everyone in a secure safe environment. So feel free to contact us, browse around have a look. I’m sure you will never regret coming across this page. As my motto about online shopping for hair is, it will never always be 100% perfect, but the true test of good wholesome customer service tis how is your concerns are dealt with that one time is not perfect. I’m here to please and make sure your shopping experience is an enjoyable one…a happy customer equals great business.

Contact Information ( I always wonder why this was a secret on other websites)

Owner/Founder : Coralee S. Osborne

1A Derrymore Road
Shop 2-3
Kingston 10, St. Andrews Jamaica